"Supernatural" Jus in Bello 2008
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"Supernatural" Jus in Bello 2008
Plot: Sam and Dean are arrested by Agent Henriksen and thrown into a jail cell in Colorado just as an army of demons makes their first move under a new leader who wants Sam dead.
Story: After being set up by Bella, Sam and dean are arrested and put into a cell in Monument, Colorado, awaiting transport to a maximum security facility. While there they discover a number of the authorities are possessed, and the jail itself is besieged by about 30 possessed townspeople. They are offered help by Ruby, but decide her solution is too costly, and devise their own way of escaping from the jail.
Did you know: The episode title is based on Jus in Bello, or the Laws of War.
Release date: 21 February 2008
User Votes: 9.4
Countries: USA,
MPAA Rating: image
Runtime: 55 minutes
Oscars: None
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