The Rebel 1959
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The Rebel 1959
Plot: A former Confederate Army Private roams the Wild West after the end of the Civil War as a rogue drifter and gets involved in helping out various settlers threatned by various bad guys.
Story: Johnny Yuma is an angry, young former Confederate Army soldier drifting through a meaningless existence in 1860's Wild West in search for his idenity and in the process helps out any people in need from hostile Indians, crooked land developers, and evil ranchers.
Did you know: Johnny Cash sang the theme song. Nick Adams wanted his good friend, Elvis Presley, to sing the song but the producers preferred Cash.
Release date: 4 October 1959
User Votes: 7.9
Countries: USA,
Genres: Western,
MPAA Rating: image
Runtime: 30 minutes
Oscars: None
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