Una película de huevos 2006
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Una película de huevos 2006
Plot: A small egg named Toto decides that he doesn't want to become the breakfast and starts an adventure to become a chicken.
Story: A small egg named Toto decides that he wants to fulfill his purpose in life and become a chicken instead of dying in a frying pan; so he starts a quest to return to the farms along with his new friend, the noisy egg Willy and a crazy bacon stripe. The three friends will face lot of obstacles in their quest.
Did you know: The character of Bibi was originally supposed to have straight hair, but since 'Angelica Vale', who voices the character, has curly hair, the artists gave the character curly hair as well.
Release date: 21 April 2006
User Votes: 6.3
Countries: Mexico,
Genres: Animation, Comedy, Family,
MPAA Rating: image
Runtime: 90 minutes
Oscars: None
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