Shallow Grave 1994
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Shallow Grave 1994
What's a little murder among friends?
Plot: Three friends discover their new flatmate dead but loaded with cash.
Story: To avoid spoiling the movie this plot summary is very brief. It starts when three people living together in a four bedroom flat are looking for a house mate. The interviews they conduct are very unorthodox and very funny. Eventually the three agree on one prospective tenant. He moves in, locks his door, and is not seen again. After a couple of days the three become curious and break in to his room. What follows is an amazing piece of cinema and to say more would ruin it.
Did you know: The films French title "Petits meurtres entre amis" translates to "Small Murders Between Friends" in English.
Release date: 10 February 1995
User Votes: 7.3
Countries: UK,
Genres: Crime, Thriller,
MPAA Rating: Shallo
Runtime: 92 minutes
Oscars: None
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