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Xinhai geming - 2011 Xinhai geming (2011)
Fall of the Last Empire
Rating: 5.9/10
Action, Adventure, Drama, History, War,
Jackie Chan, Winston Chao, Bingbing Li,
Moneyball - 2011 Moneyball (2011)
What are you really worth?
Rating: 7.6/10
Biography, Drama, Sport,
Brad Pitt, Robin Wright, Jonah Hill,
The Playboy Club - 2011 The Playboy Club (2011)
Don't let the fluffy tails fool you.
Rating: 6.1/10
Crime, Drama,
Eddie Cibrian, David Krumholtz, Laura Benanti,
Love, Wedding, Marriage - 2011 Love, Wedding, Marriage (2011)
Here comes the ride.
Rating: 4.7/10
Mandy Moore, Kellan Lutz, James Brolin,
Seeking Justice - 2011 Seeking Justice (2011)
Vengeance always has a price
Rating: 6.1/10
Action, Drama, Thriller,
Nicolas Cage, January Jones, Guy Pearce,
The Resident - 2011 The Resident (2011)
She Thought She Was Living Alone
Rating: 5.2/10
Drama, Mystery, Thriller,
Hilary Swank, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Lee Pace,
Panic Button - 2011 Panic Button (2011)
Have You Read The Terms & Conditions?
Rating: 5.2/10
Horror, Thriller,
Scarlett Alice Johnson, Jack Gordon, Michael Jibson,
Forces spéciales - 2011 Forces spéciales (2011)
Survival. Honor. Sacrifice.
Rating: 6.1/10
Action, Drama, War,
Diane Kruger, Djimon Hounsou, Benoît Magimel,
The Details - 2011 The Details (2011)
Doing the right thing has never gone so wrong.
Rating: 6.0/10
Tobey Maguire, Elizabeth Banks, Laura Linney,
The Oranges - 2011 The Oranges (2011)
It's about to get juicy.
Rating: 5.7/10
Comedy, Romance, Drama,
Leighton Meester, Hugh Laurie, Catherine Keener,
The Victim - 2011 The Victim (2011)
Even Bad Girls Need Protection
Rating: 4.5/10
Michael Biehn, Jennifer Blanc, Ryan Honey,
Wild Horse, Wild Ride - 2011 Wild Horse, Wild Ride (2011)
100 Days. 100 People. 100 Mustangs.
Rating: 5.7/10
Documentary, Western,
The Ambassador - 2011 The Ambassador (2011)
To break the story, he must become the story.
Rating: 7.2/10
Mads Brügger,
Somewhere Between - 2011 Somewhere Between (2011)
Rating: 7.6/10
360 - 2011 360 (2011)
Everything comes full circle.
Rating: 5.9/10
Drama, Romance,
Rachel Weisz, Jude Law, Anthony Hopkins,
6 Month Rule - 2011 6 Month Rule (2011)
Tyler always played by his own rules. Rules are meant to be broken.
Rating: 4.0/10
Blayne Weaver, Martin Starr, Natalie Morales,
Wish Me Away - 2011 Wish Me Away (2011)
A Nashville Star Comes Out and Finds Her True Voice
Rating: 5.9/10
Documentary, Biography, Music,
Chely Wright, Jennifer Archer, Howard Bragman,
Killer Joe - 2011 Killer Joe (2011)
Murder never tasted so good.
Rating: 6.9/10
Crime, Drama, Thriller,
Matthew McConaughey, Emile Hirsch, Juno Temple,
Bringing Up Bobby - 2011 Bringing Up Bobby (2011)
Meet Olive: mother, breadwinner, felon
Rating: 4.9/10
Comedy, Family,
Milla Jovovich, Bill Pullman, Marcia Cross,
First Position - 2011 First Position (2011)
6 dancers, 5 minutes on stage, 1 chance to make it.
Rating: 7.0/10
Gaya Bommer Yemini, Michaela Deprince, Jules Jarvis Fogarty,
Last Call at the Oasis - 2011 Last Call at the Oasis (2011)
You drink it, you swim in it, you survive on it. It's time you knew the truth about it.
Rating: 5.3/10
Erin Brockovich-Ellis, Jay Famiglietti, Peter H. Gleick,
A Year in Mooring - 2011 A Year in Mooring (2011)
What does it take to find the way back?
Rating: 4.9/10
Josh Lucas, Ayelet Zurer, James Cromwell,
Peace, Love, & Misunderstanding - 2011 Peace, Love, & Misunderstanding (2011)
Life is a journey. Family is a trip.
Rating: 5.2/10
Comedy, Drama,
Jane Fonda, Catherine Keener, Elizabeth Olsen,
Your Sister's Sister - 2011 Your Sister's Sister (2011)
A comedy about doing the right thing with the wrong person.
Rating: 6.8/10
Comedy, Drama,
Mark Duplass, Emily Blunt, Rosemarie DeWitt,
Mai wei - 2011 Mai wei (2011)
In a world at war, my enemy is my salvation.
Rating: 7.4/10
Action, Drama, History, War,
Dong-gun Jang, Jô Odagiri, Bingbing Fan,
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